Added a weather map

The Cool Spot Now page has been updated to show the Accuweather radar map.

Added Tweets and Vines

We added the Tweets and Vine's page. This shows a tweet stream of our favorite Tweets and Vine's about Northern Michigan's weather and lifestyle. Our twitter account is @coolspotnorth


Feb 6... Update

Feb. 6. Evening. Noticing that the WeatherBug bugs are not showing the right cities every time. Refresh the page to fix it up. I will need to change to another bug or write our own.

Weather today was transitional as we get the head of a front coming over across Lake Michigan from Wisconsin. Plus a bunch of lake effect snow. Should be snowy tonight and Thursday but we are hoping for a clear Friday for the "Opportunity Knocks" reception from 3-7pm.

The webcam is facing west-north-west. The road is US 31 North. Behind the Gazebo are snowmobiles running on the groomed Snowmobile trail that runs along the old train tracks, that were (foolishly, many say) torn out in the 80's. Read More...

Welcome to CoolSpotNorth

February 6th, 2013. is online! I hope you enjoy it.

Appropriately, today's Weather is: Pellston -8F, Petoskey 5F, Cheboygan 1F. Pellston remains "the coolest spot in the North"!

The site is just getting started… history and attractions are coming soon. Check back often! Read More...